**What is the minimum quantity of shirts I can order?
The minimum is 150 for “Fully Illustrated” & 75 for “Half Illustratedartwork.

**Are there any artwork charges?
No. Standard art fees are included in our pricing. However, if you need an addition of extra cars, trailer, cartoon etc. Yes we will charge an additional charge.

**What is your turnaround time?
Turnaround times can vary greatly depending on the time of year and your particular artwork. Turnaround times can be discussed and pre-determined at the time of your order.

**If I want to make a reorder, what is the number of shirts I would need to order?
The minimum reorder quantity for Fully Illustrated” is 75, for Half Illustrated the minimum reorder quantity is 50.

**Can I order other types of garments along with my order (ex. Hoodies, Long Sleeves, Girl Cut shirts, etc.)?
Yes. Please keep in mind the size of the image and how it may be affected on different types of garments. Check the price sheet for “upcharges” that may apply to your desired garment. Garment types may be mix and matched to reach a desired quantity

**Are youth shirts available (Youth M (10-12) & Youth L (14-16))? What about extended sizes (2X-5X)?
You can order sizes ranging from youth medium to Adult 5X in most colors. Please keep in mind typical race shirt designs are not able to be printed on youth hooded sweatshirts. If youth t-shirts smaller than youth medium or any youth hoodies are desired a separate order will be required using smaller art.  Contact a sales representative for more details.

**What do you need from me to get started on my order?
For Fully Illustrated designs we would need an high resolution picture from the very same angles as you want to make your car look good. Please note if you have a favorite angle that you would like to see depicted on your shirts. In order to have good accuracy for your graphics package (numbers, sponsors, graphics, etc.) we ask you to provide us with vector files from your graphic designer. The preferred formats are .eps, .ai, .pdf, .cdr, .fs .

**How will you ship my order?
We ship using UPS Ground unless another service is requested. All shipping costs will be added to your invoice upon completion of printing

**Do you require a deposit?
Yes, depending on what products you’re ordering, here are the deposit amounts:
$500 deposit due when placing your order for Fully Illustrated
$250 deposit due when placing your order for Half Illustrated
$100 deposit due when placing your order for Caps
The remaining balance is due when your order is complete and is ready to be shipped, delivered, or picked up.
Our payment options include: Paypal, Stripe, Visa, Mastercard

*-These forms of payment may delay your order as we will need to verify funds were transferred before proceeding with your order.