Racing Shirts Design #111


Shirts Design #111

This is an awesome shirts graphics that can be used on a custom base for any kind of race cars, Dirt Modified, Dirt Sprint Car, Pavement Late Model & more… Honeycombs, curvy lines and a spiky looking! This is an example of what you could do with a Dirt Sprint Car illustration and this shirts design.

You will be able to change the colors real quick by using your favorite designer software. We provide multiple vectored files. Using Fast Racing Grafx designs will make your life easier and you’ll be able to get your customers happy with a faster time creation.  The car illustration isn’t include with this shirts graphics.

It’s time to upgrade your skills!!

We suggest to use this graphics designs for:

  • Racing Shirt Designs
  • Race Car Designs
  • Stickers
  • Hero Cards
  • Signs
  • Social Media Template & more!

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All those files are included with this shirts design: