David Hebert 2020


David Hebert 2020

Are you a Mudboss racer? Are you his #1 top fan! We added this design for you, I hope you know. This is a perfect replica of his original paint scheme of 2020. Just click and download the same graphics that he had in 2020. Pretty easy to change the name on the roof to add your name instead. You’ll make you competitor jealous by driving this car!  You’ll win second a lap with our very FAST & light vinyl wrap. Just order the complete wrap and we will receive your stickers 4-5 days after! If you already own a plotter & printer, we created a very easy understanding files where you can add or remove layers of this Mudboss template. The template is 100% scale fit. Die cut is include with that file.

You will be able to change the colors real quick by using your favorite designer software. We provide multiple vectored files. Using Fast Racing Grafx designs will make your life easier and you’ll be able to get your customers happy with a faster time creation. Let’s make a jump start on your next project using this Mudboss design ready for you to be used!

It’s time to upgrade your skills!!

We suggest to use this graphics designs for:

  • Mudboss Designs

All those files are include with this Mudboss design:

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